Challenge False, Self-Defeating Beliefs

negative voice

Violence tends to have a negative voice.

These beliefs, albeit subconsciously, are likely to make one feel stuck and affect rational decision making. 


Dealing with Helplessness

Psychological empowerment is critical. It helps in reframing and rephrasing negative, self-defeating beliefs. It is important to ask:

  • What is my belief about the situation I am in?
  • Are there negative inner voices pulling me down?
  • How do I fight those voices?

Reframing Your Belief system- ABCD Purse

Developed by Albert Ellis’s, the ABC Model, suggests that beliefs, especially irrational beliefs, play a big part in our emotions and how we respond to issues. However, as suggested here below, it is critical to dispute irrational, self-defeating beliefs.

abcd purse

However, to internalize that belief, a lot of positive talk need to be done:



positive talk

“What we tell ourselves in regard to our circumstances is a powerful agent

of change than what other people tell us!”


Relational empowerment: Pulling Together

The voice of violence says you are better off alone. Like lion that separates a herd of zebra to strategically catch their prey, perpetrators will cut off your support

building together

Take a Bold Step

Establish or join a relational empowerment with likeminded people. Empower each other so that you can come up with strategies that will help you improve on issues that hinder growth.

Whether virtual or face to face (where possible), seek to join a group with a clear goal of support.