Special Education Grant


Request for special education grant goes to NY through Joint Medical Service

It is NY Medical service who has requested that the memo of request  from the staff member is styled to the agency HR officer ( so they can know which agency, considering JMS sends them requests from several agencies).  Put your full name and index number

 There has to be four separate documents for Special education grant:

  • Doctor's report. Not less than 6 months old. If there is no physical disability, the doctor just refers  for educational assessment.  This referral is from the family doctor, NOT UN doctor.
  • Educational psychologist report - not less than 6 months old
  • School report out lining what kind of curriculum/special education is being provided/child's progress since last time
  • Invoices/receipts/other documentation showing there is an extra cost involved: hence if the special classes are covered in normal school fees: special education grant will not be given

The request that comes to JMS should have all the attachments  but the request that goes to HR does not have any attachments.

JMS then prepares a covering letter and sends to NY ( basically certifying that the doctor/psychologist is genuine and known to us.  that the schools in question exist.  that the person requesting is an active staff member and that the dependant in question is a recognised dependant)

For special dependency allowance there should be a doctors report outlining the medical  need for  whatever expenditure is being covered, then prescriptions, invoices and receipt.  These are the cases where the child has special needs for care like home-based nursing.