UN-Led COVID-19 Vaccination Exercise - Updates and Highlights

Dear Colleagues,

Further to JMS broadcast sent on Friday 21st May 2021, we would like to share some highlights of the exercise.


Which dose is currently being issued?

The vaccination exercise commenced and we are currently issuing the 1st dose for those who are prioritized to receive it.


What do I do if I am invited and I already received my first dose?

In the current phase of the UN-led vaccination exercise in Kenya, we are starting with first dose to those who qualify and have not yet been vaccinated. The Everbridge registration platform does not communicate with the GOK (Chanjo) platform and all scheduled personnel will receive an invitation for vaccination from Everbridge. The invitation will come via email and / or text messages. This includes those who may have received their first dose under the UN-GOK exercise that ran earlier in March and April. In the event that you are invited and have already received your first dose, we request that you do not accept the invitation for now. If you have already accepted the Everbridge invitation, but received the first dose, we request that you disregard any confirmation of appointment and instead wait for JMS announcement on commencement of second dose administration.


Why am I getting multiple messages?

Personnel who had registered in Everbridge started receiving invitations for vaccination. As the system is automated, it will send out several messages when not accepted or if a reschedule is requested. Please ignore the multiple messages and look out for Broadcast-JMS messages for updates.


What about certificates?

For those who received their 1st dose via the government led program, please register to see your digital certificate here https://portal.health.go.ke/ (Chanjo platform).

Those receiving the UN-led vaccine will receive their certificate from Everbridge platform.

Vaccination certificates are not visible across platforms (Chanjo and Everbridge), and for now, there is no way to merge the two.


Are dependents and retirees being vaccinated?

At the moment, the prioritization schedule for the vaccination programme is occupational and risk based. Dependents and retirees will not be prioritized in this phase much as they remain eligible. We advise that invitations received should be disregarded for now. JMS will announce via email broadcast when vaccination is expanded to include dependents.

High priority individuals who delay in registering may have to wait until future shipments of vaccine arrive for their second or even first dose, depending upon availability. High priority are personnel 60 years or older, those working in healthcare setting, those working within communities, and those with underlying medical conditions.


We encourage all personnel to complete their registration on Everbridge by clicking the link that they received via email. If you did not receive an invitation to register earlier, please use the following link to self-register. https://member.everbridge.net/853912512888844/login. Self-registration will be subject to approval by respective HR evaluator before the details are updated in Everbridge. To avoid duplication, please do not use this link if you already received the email for registration. Do check your spam folder.


For queries, a COVID-19 vaccine hotline has been set up.

Feel free to send your questions to UNON-COVID19 Vaccination-Booking unon-covid19vaccination-booking@un.org or call +254 20 762 1717 between 8am – 5pm on Monday to Friday.



The best vaccine is the first one offered to you and JMS strongly recommends that you take it at the earliest opportunity.


Thank you.