Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the GOK-UNON Covid-19 Vaccination Exercise

Some frequently asked questions and their answers are as follows:




Who is eligible to submit an application online?

  1. Staff
  2. Recognized dependents
  3. Non-staff personnel (consultants, independent contractors, UNVs etc.)
  4. UN Retirees

All applicants should be in possession of the following identification documents as may be applicable - valid UN grounds pass, UNLP, diplomatic passport, diplomatic ID, OR valid UN medical insurance card in combination with national ID or passport.

The vaccine is suitable for persons 18 years of age and older. However, due to the current prioritization of older persons and critical staff the scheduling of vaccination appointments will follow, and evolve, in accordance with Ministry of Health (MoH) guidance.

Regrettably, dependents above 21 years or 25 years for school-going, spouses of non-staff category personnel are not included in this initial phase. All dependents of non-staff personnel are not included in the demographic being invited at the moment. We shall keep you updated in the event there is a change to this policy.

I submitted the online application and did not receive an acknowledgement confirmation. Should I resubmit another request?

The portal does not provide a confirmation of submission; however, you can be assured that your details have been submitted. Only one submission is required. Multiple submissions will add delays to the booking process and inconvenience to all staff

I submitted my request for myself and my dependents but the email I received does not indicate who the appointment is for?

As the emails are generated in bulk, it is not possible to personalize the same. You are welcome to respond to the email, provide your name and index number to confirm. Please note that at this current phase, family members might not be receiving vaccinations at the same time.

If dependents are under 18, they will not be invited as the vaccine is not recommended for this age group. Prioritization is made following several parameters including age, and they may be eligible to be booked for a later date.

I filled my form using the link, but I have not received any response.

Due to the large number of registration requests, the need to match registration confirmations with daily vaccination capacity and the limitation in the IT application being employed, there may be an interval of several days before you are contacted. Majority of registration requests are being processed and notified within 2 weeks.

I gave wrong details when registering; how can I have them rectified?

Details can be corrected upon arrival for the booked appointment. For the appointment, only name and index number or diplomatic ID is required.

Are UN retirees eligible?

Yes, they are as per Ministry of Health age guidance. Retirees can apply through the same online form provided.

Can I get my second vaccine from JMS if I got my 1st one elsewhere?

Yes. Please inform us of the date of your vaccine. You can book to have the second vaccine at JMS and will need to show the message received from the ministry of health as documentation.






What do I need to bring on my appointment date?

You require identification in the form of a valid UN grounds pass, a UNLP, a diplomatic passport or a Kenyan diplomatic ID. Valid UN medical insurance card may be accepted in combination with national ID or passport. Please note, no other forms of identification will be accepted.

You will not be vaccinated with only a confirmed booking without one of the 5 means of identification.

You will be required to complete a form for Joint Medical Service and Ministry of Health registration. You will receive this form upon arrival, once you have been verified on site. Kindly bring a pen to complete the form.

I have been invited, but my spouse has not, yet s/he is the one with underlying medical conditions

The vaccination capacity is limited; hence it is not always possible to book staff member at the same time as the eligible dependent. As soon as your dependents booking is confirmed, an email will be sent to the address you provided.

I was called but my child/dependent who has a medical condition was not.

The prioritization also has an age component and you will receive a notification for your eligible dependent with a medical condition. However, the vaccine is only cleared as suitable for persons 18 years and older. Younger dependents will not be invited for the vaccine.

Can I bring my unregistered dependent?

At the moment, vaccination is open to eligible personnel and dependents only. Dependents who are not recognized by your entity as per HR rules, can  access vaccination in any of the several other vaccination centres designated by the government across the country.

I missed my appointment, or I am unavailable at the specified date or time, what should I do?

To request a different day, respond to the booking email and provide your name and index number.

If you are booked for a particular day, you can receive your vaccine at any time during that same day. For example, you are booked for March 29th from 10-11am, you can still receive your vaccine at 3pm.

When I arrive for my appointment, how long does the process take?

Your booking indicates a 1-hour time slot, kindly ensure you are available for 1 hour.

Is there any possibility to obtain a vaccine as a walk-in without an appointment?

There have been instances of a small amount of vaccine left over in the last vial  at the end of the day if it was opened and there were no-shows. You are welcome to come and wait on a first come, first served basis, only at the end of the day at 2pm. Please note, you are not guaranteed to obtain a vaccine as a walk-in nor is the waiting time guaranteed.

I am based in the field. Can I get the vaccine during my R&R? Can we be assured of vaccine when we come?

The vaccine is currently provided by the Kenya Government and is provided based on a prioritization framework. At duty stations away from Nairobi, we would advise accessing the vaccine at the vaccination centres located near you. Assurance of vaccine at the JMS is dependent on continued supply by MoH. There are occasions when JMS has received fewer daily doses based on available stock.





I am in quarantine/awaiting a COVID test result/been in contact with a known COVID-19 case. Should I come for the vaccine?

Due to site access and safety requirements, anyone who is in quarantine following contact with a person who tests positive for COVID must defer their appointment to a later date. We would advise that you book your vaccination date after you have been discharged from quarantine.

I have a medical condition and feel unwell today. Should I come for the vaccine?

Please contact your medical practitioner for evaluation and treatment, and determination of your suitability to receive the vaccine. Do not visit the vaccination site if you are feeling unwell and send an email with a request to defer your booking. If you appear unwell at the location, vaccination will be deferred until a JMS doctor visits you.

Can I get the vaccine if I am pregnant?

Discuss with your doctor about this. There is limited data about use of COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Express consent from your obstetrician may be required before issuing you the vaccine.

Can I take the vaccine if I am breastfeeding?

There is limited data on the use of COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine by breastfeeding women. If you are in the early phase, approximately up to 6 weeks post-delivery, it would be advisable to consult your doctor before taking the vaccine.

After how long should one wait for to get vaccinated after contracting COVID?

There is no absolute contraindication to receiving the vaccine following covid-19 infection. One can wait up to 6 months as there is possibly some immunity conferred. But following recovery one should be able to receive the vaccine

After receiving the first vaccine dose, what signs should one monitor for blood clots? Who to call if those signs appear?

This may be very non-specific but in the event of symptoms such as worsening persistent headache, abdominal pain, lower limb pain and swelling or sudden onset symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath, occurring between 5 – 28 days following vaccination please call JMS emergency line 0724255378 and visit your nearest emergency facility.





Will my vaccine book be updated?

Following the first dose you will be provided with the vaccine batch number. This is available at the vaccination site. It is also shared with you via text message from MOH. You may enter this as a line in your vaccine book. The book will be stamped by JMS upon receiving the second dose.

Can I get my second dose earlier than the stated 8 weeks?

In the current context, the Ministry of Health has determined that the second dose will be administered after an interval of 8 weeks.

I have received the vaccine but have not received a text to alert me when to take the next dose. Others have received.

This is related to IT connectivity and when MoH officials enter data and is unrelated to the booking process. The text may come through later, and in the interim, note that your 2nd dose is 8 weeks after the first dose, kindly diarize the actual date.

Will other vaccine types be availed to staff?

Only vaccines obtained via the government and later through the UN procurement mechanism will be available through this program. We are limited to the options that will be provided to us and cannot say which will be available later.  

Should I inform JMS if I have already been vaccinated or received 1st dose of the AstraZeneca through other National Vaccination Programes?

Yes. Please inform us and this will enable scheduling you appropriately for your second dose. If you have completed the two in the schedule, please report completion via

Can children receive the vaccine?

Currently there are no COVID vaccines approved for paediatric use as no trials have been concluded. On-going trials are for children 12 years and older.




What about dependents or spouses without a grounds pass?

A valid grounds pass ensures that eligibility has been determined by HRMS. Regrettably, dependents above 21 years or 25 years for school-going, spouses of non-staff category personnel are not included in this initial phase. We shall keep you updated in the event there is a change to this policy.

I do not have a ground pass or my grounds pass has expired?

Kindly follow the normal procedure for issuance and renewal through HRMS. The pass and ID office remains fully operational.

My UN spouse works in another duty station, am I eligible to receive the vaccine at the facility?

Provided they have a valid UN Identification, you can proceed to book online for appointment.

What is the security procedure for access to the UNON Complex during COVID-19 Vaccination?

There are two access points namely: Visitors Pavilion and Commissary/Delivery gate.

What are the requirements for accessing the complex?

  • UN personnel should be in possession of a valid UNON ground pass (Expired passes can be renewed at the Pass & ID office before accessing the complex).
  • Other personnel (Missions, Embassy, NGOs and GoK officials) should be in possession of valid National ID/passport/driving license or a diplomatic pass issued by the Kenyan government.
  • All individuals driving in through the Commissary/Delivery gate should have a valid UNON ground pass and a parking sticker/decal issued by UNON Security and safety services.
  • Those individuals without a parking decal should park at the visitors Pavilion parking, and walk in.
  • The security officer at the Pavilion Turnstile will open for all individuals who have no card access to UNON complex.
  • Procedural security checks shall be maintained at both access points.
  • Security Officers shall only grant access to individuals whose names appear on the vaccination list.