Cigna TeleHealth Services

As from 1 April 2020, the UN and Cigna started offering Cigna Global Telehealth to all staff and their eligible family members covered under the UN Medical Insurance Plan (MIP).


In addition to Telehealth being available to more than 57,500 UN Worldwide Plan members, all 50,000 UN MIP members will be able to talk to doctors anytime, from anywhere, free of charge.


Now more than ever, staff are concerned about their and their families’ health and access to quality healthcare. Cigna Global Telehealth shall provide our staff ( by phone or video) with free and unlimited access to licensed doctors around the world for non-emergency health issues.


MIP members may simply arrange a telephone or video consultation through their Cigna Wellbeing App and schedule an appointment, which often can be scheduled for the same day. 


  1. Download the Cigna Wellbeing app today;
  2. Consult this step-by-step guide on how to schedule a consultation;
  3. Watch this video to see what Cigna Global Telehealth looks like;
  4. Discover why Global Telehealth is such a valuable service;
  5. More questions? This FAQ document has answers or contact Cigna using the contact details listed on your membership card.