COVID-19 update; Information on use of face mask

Information on Use of Face Masks/Medical Masks

  • The Kenyan government is currently urging everyone to use face masks in public spaces. This is informed by their objective to limit the spread of COVID-19 infection in a public setting where a sick individual (or pre-symptomatic individual) fails to cover their mouth/nose.
  • The recognized use of medical masks by medical personnel and those in close proximity with potential or confirmed COVID-19 cases remains pertinent and is highly recommended.
  • Beware of the false sense of security that may arise when using face masks leading to inconsistent application of the key preventive measures listed above. A face mask should be viewed as a complementary tool as opposed to a replacement of key preventive measures.
  • Inappropriate use of face masks can lead to inadvertent contamination.
  • You can find additional information on use of face masks here :DHMOSH Guidance 

 Medical and Public health advise:

  • Keep yourself well informed about current medical and local public health advise.
  • There is no proven treatment or vaccination against COVID-19 at present. Avoid unproven practices that can endanger your health such as unsupervised use of medications (e.g hydroxychloroquine) reported to have benefit against COVID-19 infection.
  • In certain instances quarantine or self-isolation may be required due to contact with a COVID-19 infected individual or if you develops symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 infection.
  • If you do fall sick during this period, kindly contact JMS for specific guidance and avoid contact with other persons. JMS remains available on 24-hour basis to provide UN personnel with advice and specific guidance relating to COVID-19 assessment, testing or related concerns.

Observe Self-care:

  • Maintain a healthy daily routine for yourself. Keep well hydrated, maintain regular meals and a regular exercise routine. Connect with family and keep in touch with friends.  
  • Keep a phone directory of important contacts

For your peace of mind and family preparedness, purchase adequate food, supplies and medication as recommended in the COVID-19 Personal contingency plan.

Additional information or sources eCDC-Face Masks