Covid-19 Testing in Kenya

Staff Update 27th March 2020


The Joint Medical Service has now received confirmation on the availability of an additional COVID-19 testing center in Nairobi. As you may be aware, the availability of timely testing for COVID-19 has been a challenge world over. Various governments, agencies and private sector players are working hard to make early screening and testing accessible to persons who need them.

Pathologists Lancet Kenya Limited now has the capacity to test for COVID-19 infection and are liaising closely with the National government through the Ministry of Health to ensure compliance with required standards and protocols.


The prerequisite for testing remains the same. In the case of UN personnel and dependents, any individual who has a risk profile and symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 infection will have access to COVID-19 testing by contacting the Joint Medical Service on Cell: 0724 255 378 or email: The JMS clinician will subsequently conduct a phone-based or remote interview

(risk assessment) to determine the nature of complaints and eligibility for COVID-19 testing in line with recommended medical guidelines. Once the need for COVID-19 testing has been established, the JMS clinician will provide you a signed and stamped lab referral form. The Form will enable you to access the test at Lancet, with an initial turnaround time of about 5 days for results. CIGNA have confirmed the costs will be covered for their members provided the protocol is followed.


The support provided by JMS clinic for the entire process of COVID-19 evaluation and follow-up will continue as before. Other centers utilized for COVID-19 testing such as Aga Khan hospital will also remain available and accessible through the referral system already established with these facilities.


JMS takes this opportunity to re- emphasize the importance of personal and household preparedness in view of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. You can visit our website to remain informed about what we are doing in this regard to support UN personnel during this pandemic.


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