Maternity Leave


  1. Staff Member to bring letter from Doctor confirming EDD (expected date of delivery) two (2) months before EDD to clinic.
  2. Leave starts six (6) weeks before the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) upon production of a certificate from a duly qualified doctor or midwife indicating the EDD.
  3. However, a staff member may opt to start leave two (2) weeks before the EDD if she so wishes but must produce a doctor’s/midwife’s Certificate stating her fitness to continue working beyond the six weeks. This certificate can only be issued at 6 weeks before EDD.  Under no circumstance can the clinic authorize maternity leave to start later than 2 weeks before EDD
  4. Post delivery leave shall not be less than ten (10) weeks. So if the baby is born later than EDD, the mother still gets 10 weeks maternity leave.
  5. Staff member on request may be permitted to return to work after the puperium period of a minimum of six (6) weeks.
  6. Maternity leave is a total of 112 days.  (16 weeks) from the time it starts.  This is inclusive of weekends and public holidays.
  7. Adoption. UN staff members adopting a child may make a special request for adoption leave.  This shall be submitted to HRMS one month in advance of the planned adoption
  8. Paternity leave: According to Staff Rules- (Maternity leave Rule 106.3. (b) )Subject to conditions established by the Secretary-General, a staff
    member shall be entitled to paternity leave in accordance with the following provisions:

    (i) The leave shall be granted for a total period of up to four weeks. In the case of internationally recruited staff members serving at a non-family duty station, or in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Secretary- General, leave shall be granted for a total period of up to eight weeks;
    (ii) The leave may be taken either continuously or in separate periods during the year following the birth of the child, provided that it is completed during that year and within the duration of the contract;
    (iii) The staff member shall receive paternity leave with full pay for the entire duration of his absence.

  9. Sick leave during maternity leave. There is no sick leave during maternity leave
  10. Sick leave before maternity leave. There is no sick leave allowed the 6 weeks before EDD.  Any absence is credited to maternity leave.  If a complication arises in the pregnancy before the 34th week it will be counted as sick leave on production of a medical report from the gynecologist.  However once 34 weeks comes the leave becomes maternity leave.
  11. Staff in hardship area  Staff in hardship area in Kenya entitled to be stationed in Nairobi from 32nd week (after that they cannot fly) Their office will find alternative duties for them until 34th week when they proceed on maternity leave.  At the discretion of the supervisor, and on production of a medical report from the treating doctor stating fitness to work, the staff member may work until 38th week before proceeding on leave.  But if the supervisor cannot find alternative duties for those weeks, maternity leave is to be taken.
  12. Travel when pregnant –Pregnant women are not fit to fly after 32 weeks.  This means that no mission assignment can be taken after 32 weeks.  Staff in the field are relocated to Nairobi or another duty station with good obstetric facilities at 32 weeks.

Note: After leave has been calculated and communicated to the staff member, it is her duty to hand it over to her leave monitor/personnel officer and inform her supervisor