UN CARES- the UN System-wide workplace program on HIV

UN Cares

UN Cares, the UN system-wide program on HIV, is designed to reduce the impact of HIV in the UN workplace by supporting ‘universal access’ to a comprehensive range of services for all UN personnel and their families.

These services include prevention, treatment, care and support in line with the policy on HIV in the UN workplace. It helps save lives, and improves staff well-being and reduces stigma and discrimination and ensures that the UN Policy on HIV is adhered to.

UN Cares in Kenya

Our mandate:

  • Offer a comprehensive response to AIDS that integrates prevention, treatment, care and support within the UN workplace in Kenya
  • Ensure program coherence and adherence to the UN Cares minimum standards that provides for universal access to the whole range of HIV services for staff and their dependents
  • Commitment and involvement of the people living with HIV through the UN Plus, Kenya
  • Sustained focus on stigma reduction, testing and counselling and provision of treatment to all cadres of staff and their dependents as per the UN Cares minimum standards
  • Policy dialogue and resource mobilisation

Services provided by UN Cares Kenya

These range of services, summarized below, are provided to staff and their families and include the following;

  1. Prevention services that include staff orientation sessions, training for  spouses and children and supply of prevention commodities i.e. male and female condoms
  2. Provision of emergency starter kits for Post exposure prophylaxis - See the contact list below for your agency Pep Kit Custodian
  3. Voluntary counseling and testing at the clinic on special days/events
  4. Psychosocial support through the UN Plus, a support of group of staff living with HIV
  5. Support to staff though peer educators
  6. Referral to specialized counseling by staff counselor (see section on Staff counseling)
  7. Online resource on country specific information on where to get help through the UN Cares Service Directory for HIV
  8. Together with JMS team care and support at the one-stop clinic 
  9. Membership to UN Plus Kenya, advocacy and policy dialogue