Henner (GMC)

As part of a progressive roll-out of its services handling the self-insured Medical Insurance Plan (MIP) of the UN, GMC started handling claims for UNON, UNEP and UNHABITAT staff effective 15 March  2010 for all claims incurred on or after 15 March  2010. This has since been taken up by Cigna (formerly Van Breda) for UNON, UNEP and UNHABITAT since 2015.

However GMC, now Henner continues to provide third party medical insurance services for other UN agencies.


-Monday to Friday 0800 to 1800
- Contact Toll free 0724634084/ 0724634085 or Land Line 020 2735374
-Out of office hours 24/7
-Contact Emergency Help desk +33 1 49 70 27 77

Or click here to visit the Henner website for more information