Empathy: Critical Support System

sand namibia

What happens when a grain of sand or a small flying insect gets into your eye? It is a very tiny thing, but it causes a lot of irritation. 

It could cause a lot of damage because the instant reaction is to get rid of it, distracting you from whatever you may be doing at that point.


Sometimes it is the small things in life that mess our relationships, whether at home, work or in social life. Like lack of empathy! 

Empathy is the ability to understand and relate to other people’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Empathy helps us to see issues from others point of view. 

empathetic listening

It could be that child, who is not able to clearly express themselves, but what happens if we seek to understand and try to relate to what they are saying? It means going to their level and seeing things from their perspective.

Empathy enhances understanding and contributes to better social connection in different spheres of life – family, socially, workplace amongst other places. 

active listening

Active listening helps us to capture other people’s perspectives, feelings, and experiences. 

Listening provides comfort and ease the pressure being experienced. 

With most people dealing with a lot of anxiety and losses, a great gift we can give each other is empathetic listening. 


How are you doing with empathy? Do you tend to ‘hear’ but not ‘listen’?

Do you find yourself using your lenses often when interacting with others?  

Well, do not give up. Empathy is a skill and you can learn and master it.