Dealing with Trauma and Emergencies

Below are some resources that may help in coping with Trauma during Emergencies.

Critical Incidence stress occurs when an individual experiences an unusual extreme emotional reaction after an event. The event is referred to as a critical incident due to how it occurs or happens. In most cases it is sudden, unexpected, shocking, incomprehensible and personally upsetting. Click here to read more..

Self Care for staff during emergencies: Effective self-care strategies to help you feel and function better. Click here to read..

How to Help Children Cope with Disasters: Ten Tips from Save the Children.
Many parents, teachers, grandparents and caregivers are concerned about how dramatic images of disasters can affect the emotional well-being of their children and are looking for advice.

To help provide guidance, Save the Children has prepared the following 10 tips. They can be used by adults to support children through any disaster. These tips are based on Save the Children's years of national and international experience in support children in disasters. Click here to read more..