The Clinic


Reception of the newly renovated JMS clinic.

The Joint Medical Service is an occupational health service for United Nations staff and employees in Kenya. We seek to safeguard the individual’s health and safety in the workplace and promote a healthy work environment.

In addition we are the point of medical evacuation for UN staff in 16 surrounding countries.

We offer a variety of services to which the different agencies can subscribe according to their needs.

We are situated on ground floor of F -block (JMS building), at Gigiri Complex UN Avenue Nairobi



Joint Medical Service Official Hours.

Monday: 1000--1600
Tuesday: 0800--1600
Wednesday: 0800--1600
Thursday: 0800--1600
Friday: 0800--1330

Medical SITCEN is open 24/7.

Contact address:  Tel 0724 255 378


The Clinic Services are for Kenya UN staff, consultants and field staff travelling through Kenya. The JMS Clinic covers issues of general health and preventative medicine, travel medicine, ergonomy in the workplace, counseling for psychological and stress-related problems, impairment and disability assessments and communication with HR with regard to questions concerning administration and management of health related issues.


The following services are offered daily, most of them on a full time basis:

First Aid for emergency situations and crisis-intervention on the UN complex.

Medical Examinations with assessment of fitness for duty in Nairobi and field duty stations and eventual limitations. Submission of relevant recommendations to the Department of Human Resources with regard to work restrictions and (un) fitness for specific duty stations.

Travel Clinic for official and private travel for staff and dependents with advice regarding health-risks and precautions, administration of required and recommended vaccinations, distributions of anti-malarial drugs and medical kits.

Work Station Assessment with advice to staff members and recommendations to the division of maintenance regarding ergonomic issues and follow up about obtained results.

Consultations for staff members on request concerning health issues, information about medical facilities in Kenya and abroad and referrals to specialists and private or public hospitals as appropriate.

Counseling in crisis situations (at work or in the domestic environment). Mediation/intervention in harassment-claims.

Medical Evacuations of UN Staff out of Kenya and from neighboring countries into Kenya.

HIV AIDS in the workplace: Free Voluntary Counseling and Testing. Enrollment in treatment program – 3C’s: Confidential, Counseling, and Care.
Distribution and monitoring of PEP Kits.
Training of custodians of PEP Kits.


2 Full time doctors

5 Nurses on straight shifts

5 Nurses on 12 hour shifts

1 Staff stress counsellor

3 Administrative assistants

1 Secretary

2 Project officers

1 Receptionist

1 IT Specialist


 Scope of work

SLA 1 Occupational Health Care and Medical Evacuation 
This includes ergonomics in workplace assessment and individual advice, and Occupational injuries and service related incidents. It further includes technical advice on mass casualty planning and preparedness; Emergency medical response and coordination of Medical Evacuation into or out of Kenya and follow up on Medevac cases to ensure timely appropriate and relevant care. 

SLA 2 Medical Administration 
Includes advice to staff and or HR on entitlements, sick leave certification, processing of special education grants, disability, appendix D cases and support on alcohol and substance abuse in the workplace.               

SLA 3 Medical Examinations 
This includes medical examination and clearance on Entry, Periodic or Short term for employment. Also includes medical clearance for fitness to travel and wellness screening done in collaboration with Medical Insurance companies Cigna, GMC Henner and Allianz. 

SLA 4 Travel Centre 
Includes vaccination as per WHO guidelines, Malaria prophylaxis, Individual travel advice, First aid kits, and PEP kit distribution 

SLA 5 MEDEVAC coordination 
This is for regional based agencies outside the Common Services arrangement in Kenya requesting support on medical evacuation from the Region. 

SLA 6 Drop in Clinic 
This is a primary healthcare service available at JMS. Where an agency has subscribed it means the agency will pay, where an agency has not subscribed it means staff member to be charged to access the treatment and claim from respective insurance. It covers 

  • Nurse Consultation available on demand 
  • Doctor Consultation available by appointment on booking list. Male and female doctor preference on request. 
  • Medication as per cost