Cancer Screening at JMS

What screening is advised?

  • For all sexually active women up to 65: Pap smear very 2 years
  • If you have had three consecutive normal PAP smears you can increase the length to every 3 years.
  • Women who have had total hysterectomy d not need further PAP smears.
  • all women over 50 to have a mammogram very two years.
  • women with a family history of early breast cancer to discuss with the doctor doing mammograms earlier
  • Men and women over 50 to have a colonscopy every 10 years
  • If family history of colon cancer or history of inflammatory bowel disease, to strut colonoscopy earlier.
  • Men to discuss pros and cons of PSA test from age 40

What is JMS doing

  • You will do your normal periodic UN medical check. it looks at your risk for heart disease, liver and kidney function, risk of diabetes and your general health.
  • In addition your cancer risk profile will be assessed.
  • If further tests are needed, JMS will book your appointments for mammography/PAP smear/colonoscopy as the case maybe and give you the necessary information so your screening is fast tracked without too many repeat visits to the hospital.
  • The hospital will communicate the results to you directly.
  • In case of abnormal results, you will get a fast tracked follow up appointment at the hospital.

Why not just screen everyone all the time?

Screening is based on where one is most likely to find problems. This is partly based on gender/age and lifestyle . In addition family history matters. So the JMS doctor will review your risk and determine which screening is needed for you now. Excessive screening is not without harm: radiation side effects are cumulative, other procedures also have possible side effects. So a sensible cost-benefit ration must be maintained.

What if my results are not normal

  • You will be called by the nurse at Aga Khan hospital and given an appointment directly with the relevant specialist.
  • Follow up diagnostic tests and individualized treatment plan will be done
  • This is covered under your normal insurance cover and is not part of the screening program.


WFP-WELLNESS IN ACTION: Cancer Screenings now available in Nairobi for BMIP/MMBP/MICS members.

WFP staff and their recognized dependents in Nairobi insured with BMIP/MMBP/MICS insurance coverage, are now eligible for breast, cervical and colorectal Cancer Screenings with 100% coverage by Allianz. 
Research shows that these screenings provide cost effective ways for the early detection of cancers and other pathology. Below please find the flyers prepared to explain the programs to WFP staff in Nairobi and the region.  
To access these services, eligible staff by the criteria indicated in the attached leaflets, will need:

  •   To contact and go to the UNON Medical Services (JMS) and have this form signed by the UNON Designated Physician: this will represent the authorization for the direct billing of the procedures to Allianz following a certified verification of the individual medical eligibility criteria; in this step the unconditional requirement is to produce a copy of the Allianz card or any relevant document showing the individual policy number;
  • Once obtained the signed authorization from the UN designated physician at UNON Joint Medical Service, the staff member will proceed to the Aga Khan Hospital for the screening. The submission of the signed authorisation form will waive any payment from the patient and trigger the direct billing of the hospital to Allianz.


Breast Cancer Screening Flyer

Cervical Cancer Screening Flyer

Colorectal Cancer Screening Flyer