Alcohol and Substance Abuse

The United Nations Organization has a policy of Employee Assistance in cases of alcohol and substance abuse. Alcohol is considered a disease and treatment is routinely offered.

The initiation of treatment can either be:

  • On staff members request to any JMS staff or staff counselor
  • On advice of medical staff: often during periodic medical
  • At request of management due to impact on performance and conduct. The procedure is covered in ST/A/I 372. A manager can contact JMS for further advice

The United Nations Office at Nairobi is implementing a comprehensive wellness initiative for staff members. This initiative focuses on employee awareness about issues of health and wellbeing including addiction and alcohol abuse. The initiative is spearheaded by the Joint Medical Service and the Nairobi JAC Working Group on Alcohol Abuse. The current mandate is to set up and administer an alcohol abuse sensitization campaign.

The JMS conducted an audit of the periodic medical examinations for the last 5 years and noted problematic use of alcohol among members. Drivers and Security officers suffering addiction are at risk of being declared unfit to work and put on mandatory rehabilitation.  For other staff, JMS is dependant on management raising a concern before invoking mandatory treatment.